Weird things the dog does

  1. She ate a frozen squirrel about a week after we got her that tore up her insides. It was an accurate introduction, really.
  2. She prefers to enter the bedroom from the left side of the kitchen table. She will backtrack to do this.
  3. She prefers to poop while making full eye-contact with me for the entire duration.
  4. She hates her harness and will fall over if she sees it.
  5. If I’ve been gone for too long, her greeting involves not moving from where she’s lying, thumping her tail and wailing loudly while I pat her (and wail loudly back). This behaviour is mostly my fault.
  6. She will plunge into a stream and paddle around dunking her face and getting totally soaked. Then come back out and gingerly cross the stream, stepping on rocks to make sure she doesn’t get her (completely soaked) precious paws wet.
  7. She indicates she needs some of my lunch by sitting perfectly and belching loudly while making eye contact. At least, she’s done this more than once.
  8. She checks to see if her friend is outside in the morning, then cries the entire 30-second walk to meet him. She then has a few seconds to say hello before having to run away to pee.
  9. She hates running with me, but considers other people running. I guess they’re more exciting than I am.
  10. When we first got her, she would start sighing loudly at about 10 p.m. if either of us were on her couch. She wanted us to go away so she could sleep.
  11. When she is anxious, excited, or filled with some other strong emotion she likes to have her head held. She completely relaxes her neck muscles. Her head is quite heavy.
  12. She drinks a lot of mud.
  13. One time a foghorn sounded and then she checked her butt to see what had happened.
  14. She likes to lie in the sun until she’s hot to the touch and panting like mad. Dog-sauna.
  15. I know that it’s common-ish for dogs to like collecting rocks from rivers. She’s started doing this, but hasn’t quite figured out the purpose of pawing at the rock, and so has pulled several rocks deeper into the river.
  16. Fireworks and loud motorcycles scare her. She perks up her ears and listens for hours after having heard them.
  17. She loves checking out edges. If there’s a cliff, she’ll try and go lean out over it and look down. She’s both scared and exited. This extends to both sewer grates and our balcony, that has spaces between the planks that you can look through.
  18. She likes plants. She’ll attempt to go into plant or flower shops that we walk past, and she carefully inspects (and samples) new plants to our house.
  19. She will pick blueberries if we find them, but she prefers to have them picked for her.
  20. Rain makes her mad, and she protests getting wet by sitting down on the wet sidewalk and refusing to go on.
  21. Canada Day fireworks scared her, so she was unable to chew her hand-fed kibble, instead swallowing it whole.