iOS Coffee Shortcut

I’ve not really used iOS Shortcuts before, but I finally started playing around with them, and I’m glad I did, as they’re very good. My first shortcut is a Coffee-making thing (iOS Shortcut link). It calculates how much coffee grounds you need for however much water you’ve decided to use, adds your caffeine intake to the Health app, and starts a timer.

I often want to make different amounts of French Press coffee and I can never remember how much coffee I should use, so I have the shortcut do some basic math for me. I use a brewing ratio of 17:1, based on Phil & Sebastian’s 16:1 and 49th Parallel’s 16.6:1 suggestions. Analog suggests a much more leniant 15–20:1 ish ratio.

After reminding me how much coffee I need to use, the shortcut adds 145mg of caffeine to the Health app (assuming I didn’t pick the decaf option). This is based on a searching a few dozen different sites, all of which have different numbers—Healthline suggests from 0–500mg per cup, for example. 145mg seems like a decent average per cup, obviously not accounting for the variation of bean, roast, coffee strength, actual amount drunk, or any of that. I don’t bother to do math here, as if I make a big pot it’s for two people. I figure the value in tracking this is if I drink more coffee, or drink coffee later in the day and see a change in my sleep duration, I’ll be know what’s up. The actual amount of caffeine is not the most important factor. If I drank a lot of other things with caffeine I’d probably need to set up a more sophisticated system to track them.

Finally, the shortcut starts a timer for four minutes, which is the correct amount of time to steep French Press coffee according to all the guides I previously linked to. Enjoy!

Download (iOS only)