Emacs Web

I don’t use Emacs to browse the web, although it can be done, and I guess people do. I do a few browser-related things in it though, including storing my bookmarks in an Org-mode file and such. Here’s what I’ve changed.

Customizing the browse-url handlers is remarkably powerful. I don’t use Emacs as a web browser much, but I do use a lot of links in Org-mode documents. If something isn’t set here, it opens the URL in the default manner, which in my case is Safari (Technology Preview).

(use-package browse-url
  :straight nil
  (browse-url-handlers '(("wikipedia"   . eww )
                         ("youtu\\.?be" . actuator-browse-video)
                         ("twitch"      . actuator-browse-video))))

I want video links to be opened in MPV. This helps my battery life as well as my personal life because I don’t have to visit YouTube. This requires MPV to be installed, which is best installed via Brew on macOS. I’ve tried to use Nix, but it doesn’t work well.

  (defun actuator-browse-video (url &rest _args)
    "Browse a URL with a dedicated video player.
Avoids opening a browser window."
    (start-process "mpv" nil "mpv" url))

SHR is used to render all sorts of basic HTML in Emacs, including Elfeed posts and Nov.el books. Normally it wraps at the page width, but that can be adjusted.

(use-package shr
  :straight nil
  (shr-width 75))